Casino Roulette Strategies

Even if roulette remains a game of chance of the purest, there are however strategies which will allow you to considerably increase your chances of winning and will multiply them in 96ace casino online. There are many techniques that can be found to help you hit the jackpot and minimize your losses, these are called martingales. The martingale is a technique which is not always reliable and also not easy enough to master which makes the players knowing how to use it among the most mysterious. There are a host of variants of the martingale, we can mention in particular เว็บคาสิโน:

  • The classic martingale : this strategy consists in betting on a simple chance either black or red, even or odd, pass or miss and the players must after each loss double their bet in order to recover all their money with a transfer when they win finally,
  • The big martingale : it is a variant of the classic martingale, you will have to bet on the reverse of the last result, if for example the red has just come out, bet on the black it will inevitably end up, if you lose, double your previous bet by adding a unit,
  • Whittacker’s martingale : this technique seeks to cover two losses with what you have won in a victory,
  • The d’Alembert martingale: this strategy is very simple, increase the bet by one unit if you lose and lower it if you win,
  • Wells’ martingale : this system is used when you want to make a bet of 5 chips at the start. Then, Wells’ method will use d’Alembert’s martingale, if the player manages to have a balance between winning moves and losses, he can pocket at least half a unit per bet.

How To Play Roulette

The game mat 3win2u has squares numbered from 0 to 36. The 1bet2uthai goal is very simple: you have to succeed in guessing the square on which the ball will land at the end of your turn,

Different bets

Without counting the zero box, a player has the possibility of making 15 bets in different ways, each with its own odds.

About color – There are two colors in the game of roulette: 18 red balls and 18 black balls. When the ball lands on the color chosen by the player, the latter wins twice his stake, if necessary he is declared the loser.

On parity – Excluding the number zero, there are 18 even and 18 odd numbers. If the parity of the square where the ball stops is in accordance with the player’s bet, then he also wins twice his bet. If so, he loses.

Full – The player can choose to bet on a specific number among the 37 available. If the ball lands on said number, the player wins 36 times his bet.

Pass or Miss – Excluding zero, we can subdivide the numbers of the game table into two distinct groups. The Lack group which is composed of the numbers ranging from 1 to 18 and the Pass group which comprises the numbers ranging from 19 to 36. 

On horseback – The player can choose to set his sights on the line that separates two specific numbers. 

The square – The player can place his bet on the intersection point which frames 4 specific numbers.

Full Cross – Excluding Zero, the numbers on the game table can be divided into 3 equal columns of 12 numbers each. Which can themselves be subdivided into 12 small transverse columns of 3 numbers.

Transversale Sixain (with 6 numbers) – The player can choose to bet on 2 full transversals and therefore on 6 numbers instead of 3. If one of the 6 numbers considered appears at the end of the ball turn, the player wins 6 times its stake.

Dozen – Excluding zeroing, the numbers can be divided into 3 groups of 12 numbers. Group P which goes from number 1 to 12, group M which goes from number 13 to 24 and group D which goes from number 25 to 36. It is up to the player to place his bet on one of the boxes P, M or D from the table. If at the end of the ball’s turn, one of the 12 numbers of the chosen group appears, the player wins his bet 3 times.

Two dozen – The player can choose to place his bet on the line separating two squares (P and M or M and D). This choice marks his desire to bet on one of the 24 numbers taken into account by the groups separated by line in question. If one of the numbers appears, the player wins his bet 1.5 times.

Column – If the player decides to play on one of the 12 numbers in column number one, he must place his bet inside the blank space below number 34. For one of the 12 numbers in the column number 2, the stake must be placed inside the box below number 35. For one of the 12 numbers in column number 3, the stake will be placed inside the box below number 36 If one of the numbers considered by the column he has chosen appears, the player wins his bet 3 times.